No Pain, No Gain

The last 3 days have been rough.  Im sore all over the place.  It feels like growing pains from puberty.  The first 3 days I was really gung-ho about doing the maximum repetitions and it's catching up with my body and also affecting my mood.  It's a little frustrating to be to achy.

I'm also recording some parts of my practice to see where I can catch myself cheating.  And I noticed I can really improve upon Balance Control - Push Up Front.  Doing it on the balls of the feet with heals high makes the move so much tougher. If you ever took my class and I had you roll down from standing on your tippy toes down into a forward fold keeping your heals high, you know how hard that is.  Anyway, I don't keep my chest up and my spine long when I push the carriage out. My torso is responding to the shoulder work with rounding a little bit.  Definitely something to focus on and remedy.

Even though I'm sore I'm feeling better put together when I finally do move around.  I can feel my body responding to the Advanced System and I'm able to practice yoga, take boxing classes, or even just bike around with more intensity and know it's coming from the right place. I'm not in my hips or my quads as much as I used to be.  Moral of the story, no pain no gain.