Undoing Negative Physical Patterns & Imbalances

As I approach the homestretch of my 30 day challenge, I am beginning to feel a fuller, deeper stretch without increasing the range of the stretches.  This may seem very basic, and it is. But I'm also feeling so much more connected to my core that my movements are feeling more efficient and stable.

There are countless stretches (seated forward folds, side bends, & twists) where I'm able to make the shape, but I'm totally bypassing important muscle groups or the stretch simply isn't coming from the right place.  The biggest thing I noticed is the imbalance in my back. My right side is so much more developed.  How can I possibly stretch properly if I'm totally imbalanced and not stable?

I was totally unaware of these changes in my body as they were happening, but the Advanced Reform system is such an "absolute value" system that it can give you the feedback you need so you can feel the stability come back to the body.  You will even feel the imbalances of life affecting your body sooner, and the sooner you feel that happening the sooner you will be able to address it. 

Being aware of how a particular activity may pull your body out of alignment is so important to staying balanced.  Once the body begin to move towards a more stable place it can begin to gain more mobility.  And the only thing I find more amazing than feeling strong, is enjoying the sensation of flexibility.