Bring on the Length

Early in my commitment to doing 30 days of Advanced Reformer my body was going through the aches and pains of muscle growth.  Like anything though, once you get used to a workout you grow less and less stiff as the body gains strength and endurance.

Now that I'm starting to get over the amount of shoulder and ab work that it takes to complete the system, I'm able to focus more on stretching; mostly in my back and hips.  Just like the mat work, once your body gets used to keeping it's shoulders up it becomes less about "work" and more about spinal stretching and lengthening.  And a healthy spine and back is EVERYTHING...

A lifetime of lifting weights and trying to improve my endurance, mostly through running and springing, has left my body feeling very knotted up and tight in ways that I felt helpless to undo.  But making gains towards having a more open back and hips has made an awesome difference in my day to day.  By conditioning my body with the Advanced Reformer system I feel like it's pulling my body in a direction where my baseline of tightness is much less and I feel better connected to my body in a way that makes me feel like it's opening up.  

I'm really looking forward to feeling even more length and space in my body.