Pilates Principles Mat Training

36 w broadway, boston ma 02117

March 22-24, 2019 - training

April 6, 2019 - test out

Gain the knowledge and the credibility to teach pilates classes as a certified instructor! This training includes the principles and methodology of the Pilates system, the difference between basic, intermediate, and advanced mat systems, and how to safely modify and also how to use the Pilates ring and props. 

With this training you'll have everything you need to teach pilates in a group class setting. You'll also be able to use your pilates knowledge to improve your own physical movement practice!


Friday night, focus on the fundamentals of Pilates movements, principles, key terms, and theory of the Mat Pilates system. As well as the Basic system and how to modify as well as use props. Saturday learn the Intermediate system and Sunday the Advanced system. Throughout the weekend we will be practicing teaching, practicing talking in front of a group, and learning how to use your voice to be an amazing Pilates teacher.  Students have two weeks to complete 10 hours of practice teaching and practicing.  On the 15th students will be need to pass a short written exam and a 15 minute oral test out for the final exam for the Mat Pilates certification.

Required Reading:

Return to Life by Joseph H. Pilates

Program Dates*

March 22 - 6pm-9pm - Basic

March 23 - 9am-4:00pm - Intermediate

March 24 - 10am-2:00pm - Advanced

April 6 - 11am-1pm - Test Out

*Full completion of the certification program involves attending all four days (two weekends) of training, and a passing grade on the final exam. Upon completion of the exam with a passing grade, program participants will receive a certificate of completion and will be certified to teach mat Pilates in a group class setting.


$450 before May 15th // $500 regular price

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