Antonio is a Boston based Pilates mat, Pilates barre, vinyasa yoga & Yin yoga teacher; Pilates mat certified through the Equinox Training Institute in Boston, and 200-RYT through David Vendetti and South Boston Yoga, via Prague, CZ.  

His Pilates and yoga journey began in college in 2004 when he was playing D1 tennis and looking for ways to gain a competitive edge as well as maintain his body from the stresses on the tennis court. After a summer of playing APT satellite tournaments he hung up his racquets and found a desk job.  After a few years it became clear sitting behind a desk wasn’t going to work out, and he followed his passion, got certified and never looked back.

Antonio is currently on the final phase of getting his reformer Pilates certification through the United States Pilates Association, via SmartBody Movements in Brookline, MA.  Having come from an athletic background, he loves to layer the coordination, precision, and strengthening tenets of classical Pilates principles into his students’ bodies and the calming and meditative elements of yoga into his students minds to give them an enhanced physical awareness and confidence.

Antonio also offers corporate classes and small group or private sessions. If interested, contact