SolSeeker Retreats

"not your average trip"

Taking a trip with SolSeekers, me and Kristin Khederian, is anything but ordinary.   When people hear the word "retreat" they assume all we do is eat vegan food, do yoga and Pilates fanatically, and deny oursleves of our creature habits and abstain from adult beverages and anything fun. This is DEFINITELY not the case.

We are all about is giving you the space to do YOU.  If you like yoga and Pilates, great. Classes will be offered.  If you prefer to chill on a beach, go surfing, or hiking, or venture off for some culture and shopping, you can.   But there is one thing all of our retreats have in common, and that's GOOD VIBES.  

We provide an opportunity to get away from the noise and vibrations of city life and help you step out of the hamster wheel of life and unplug into a world of possibilities.  This will give you a chance to reflect and think about how amazing your life is and how you could possibly improve it.  Not to mention making a few best friends along the way.  

Retreats to Central America

Nicarigua, Guatemala, Mexico...

Whether we are going to a remote destination like Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, or a popular surf town like San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua or Sayulita, Mexico.  We are always looking to offer you an unique experience, breathtaking views, and the opportunity to feed your sol. 

Retreats to South America

LIma & Machu pichu, Peru

Hosting a "basic" retreat has never been on our goal.  We try to push the envelope and fill up our passports with cool destinations with fun and exciting trips to help you check things off your bucket list.  In 2018 we are planning a trip to the mountains and beaches of Peru; Lima and Machu Pichu.  Stay tuned for details!

Retreats to Europe

sao miguel, azores

This fall don't miss out on the trip of a lifetime. From October 4th-9th we are going to the only sub-tropical climate in all of Europe, the Azores.  Sao Miguel, the biggest of the island chain, offers volcano hikes, hot springs, surfing, beaches and has the pineapple and tea plantation in all of Europe .  We are staying at the visually stunning Minuvida Resort that has amazing food and an on site pool. Also, stay tuned for details!

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Check out the photo album to see what we did last year!